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Silver Daisy Bush (Endangered)

Olearia pannosa ssp. Pannosa


Silver daisy-bush is listed as nationally vulnerable – approximately 1,000 individual plants remaining in the Murraylands and Riverland region. Due to the suckering nature of the plant it is often difficult to determine individual plants.

Hardy once established, it is drought and frost tolerant. Grows anywhere between 50cm- 2m in size. 


It is a perennial shrub that flowers from August to October. The seeds ripen by December, seed dispersal as late as May the following year.


To Germinate: No pre treatment needed. Seeds can be distributed into cells of good potting/seed raising mix about 1cm deep. Keep moist but not wet with thin layer of vermiculite, preferably with a cover over top to preserve humidity.  Remove cover once seedling emerges. 

Silver Daisy Bush (Endangered) Olearia pannosa ssp. Pannosa 10 seeds

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