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Ehluuen Sun Serum with an SPF of 40+
This is a therapeutic grade sunscreen for those wishing to stay away from harsh chemicals that are so often found in generic sunscreens and sun lotions, causing our skin more damage than good.

The world is full of synthetic, artificial lotions that are depleting our skins natural production of melanin in the skin which so often leads to sunburn if missed for a day or so. 

Based on careful research, I have created an Sun Serum that is not only gentle on your face, but also giving you the soothing and healing effects that pure ingredients bring.

Allow your skin to bask in the beautiful golden rays of the sun, with a natural sun serum. 
I have two custom blends for two different customers:

Golden Tan serum is a blend for those than like to tan their face in the sun. (pungent aroma)
Daily Serum is for those that skin protection daily.

NATURAL Sun Serum/ Sunscreen SPF 40+ For Face

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