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The Ancient SUMERIAN EMUQKHA: MAGICKAL Clay Ball For Healing, Prayer & Ritualistic Spellcraft 

This is  a custom made Sumerian Emuqkha Keyring which is used according to your own desires. 

It is fitted with .999 fine silver, and can either be 22k gold plated, or made with gold.


The original Emuqkha which is the size of a fist, is quite heavy, and so I have created a smaller style one, to hang on your keys or handbag, or even around your neck if you should so want to!


An Emuqkha (pronounced Emooqhhhaa) is a "charged" clay ball or a "power ball"  that is programmed for healing, magickal purposes, love or whatever it is that you shall so desire. I customise it according to your liking. 


The clay comes from the ancient landscapes of where I dwell, which is on the Ediacaran time period, some 645 million years old, so imagine this ancient energy being fused into your very own Emuqkha!


The Script featured on the Emuqkha is Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform, the oldest written language on the planet, and I will scribe whatever words you wish to have on it, according to your desires and intentions. 


After drying, firing and coating the Emuqkha, I will then program it in a ritualistic circle at my alter for 3 days and 3 nights according to whatever desires/intentions you wish to fuse into it. Once programming is finished, the Emuqkha is charged with your energy, your desires and will be held within it, unable to escape.



Emuqkha's are used for positive/healing purposes and constructive spellcraft, and I will not create an Emuqkha for negative/grey orientated purposes, or to use on someone else. They are very powerful, and will hold whatever energy that is fused within it indefinitely. Please choose  your intentions and words carefully when selecting your Emuqkha.


The hole within the Emuqkha is optional,  you can keep it at your alter or a place of sacredness, or simply hold it in your hand, put it in your handbag, or as featured in the picture, have a hole in it to hang it in your car.


You can sit with it when you meditate, when your pray, when you sleep, when you drive, when you do spellcraft or whatever it is that you wish to do! Think of it as a high voltage battery full of magickal splendour and power.


Size & weight: The size is roughly 2 centimetres and weighs approximately 40-50gms grams

If you wish for another language such as Egyptian hieroglyphs, or Aramaic, Latin, Hebrew etc. to be scribed onto the Emuqkha, then this is available also.


Please allow up to a week for the whole customised process to take place.


From my hand to yours,



Mini Emuqkha: Keyring Style

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