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Lure Of Intana: Temple Incense for Abundance, Love & Fertility


I feel great joy at this time of year, the Spring Equinox, the awakening of the great Mother Earth... her goddess energies are engulfing my gardens and heart in the most authentically pure way. The air is so perfumed with rosemary, pollen, blossom and chamomile that I find a wonderful sensation of comfort lay over me from the moment I open my eyes until I re-enter the astral realms later that evening.


This temple incense is sacred in all its purest earthly elements. It abounds in the richness of pine pollen --from my beloved old pine tree, that is bursting with fertility as I write these words. This pine--she has blessed me with shade, protection, homes for all the animals of El Noor and most of all given me her most sacred self—and right on the cusp of the Spring Equinox--her pollen blossoms.


Her fertility is spread throughout my home, my clothes, the winds and the air, and it is a beautiful feeling seeing her pollen everywhere...she continually reminds me that no matter what happens in the world, life continues plentiful and abundantly.

Lure of Intana has taken a full year to make, a full seasonal cycle, because the main ingredients for it, has come from El Noor Gardens~my gardens!


The roses in Lure of Intana were picked and dried all throughout the Summer of 2019, as was the lavender and rosemary, and the pollen blossoms has been a patient game of waiting exactly for this time of year, when the tree has her buds bursting with yellow powder—pollen, the most sacred language of Creation.

This incense features: Rose petals from my roses, Rosemary, Lavender, Pine Pollen Blossomseach of these ingredients invokes abundance, fertility with the overarching governance of love & protection throughout your esoteric work. Rosemary & Lavender offer both fertility and protection, whilst also giving you a dose of calmness and realignment, but it is the pollen blossoms from my pine that will open the doors of those sacred realms.


It is Goddess Energy in her most purest form. Roses are also full of fertility and love, so you will too, find yourself engulfed to the max with beautiful abundant energies.


Lure of Intana is best suited for constructive esoteric work, most effective results will be when used from a new moon to full.


For pleasure however, Lure of Intana may be burned whenever your intuition draws you towards her ancient, evocative realms once more.

Resins used are: Omani Frankincense, Olibanum and Benzoin.


Lure of Intana has a pungent floral, earthy aroma, and although her aroma is beautiful, in this instance, they fall secondary to the potency that this incense gives to her Keeper. This incense is for those desiring more abundance, luck, love, passion and unity with the Goddess energy of Mother Earth.


For those wishing to shed aggressive tendencies, anger, heavy emotions, replacing them with love, light, caring, tenderness and nurturing. For those of masculinity desiring to experience more femininity or soften their masculine traits, this is for you.


It is my pleasure to offer this to you.

Blessings & Radiance






Lure Of Intana: Temple Incense for Abundance

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